Readability demo submit a text

In this form can you enter a text (max. 6000 characters) in the input field or as an UTF-8 text file. After the text is processed you will see, in different ways, how readable your text is.


Processing texts, especially large ones or many at the same time puts a heavy load on our server, so we we put all the submissions in a queue and process them one by one. If you do not have the time to wait for the results you have the option to give us your e-mail address. As soon as the text is completely processed you will receive a link to the results. We do not use this e-mail address for anything else.

Scientific purposes

With the results we can improve our algoritmes. If we can use your particular texts to do so, enable the checkbox. Else, your text will be deleted after one week.

You have option to provide an UTF8-text file or fill in a text manually. When copying form a Word-processor, go via a text editor like notepad++ to first convert everything to UTF-8.
When given, a link to the results is submitted when ready.
When checked, this experiment is not deleted after one week.