Database of Byzantine Book Epigrams

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Demoen, K., Bentein, G., Bentein, K., Bernard, F., Bértola, J., Boeten, J., Clement, M., Cocola, C., Daveloose, E., De Groot, S., De Potter, P., De Vos, I., Kubina, K., Lauwers, H., Lemay, P., Meesters, R., Morbé, M., Nachtergaele, D., Nemegeer, M., Nielandt, J., Ojala, M., Pechillon, L., Praet, R., Ricceri, R., Rouckhout, A., Schepens, J., Schollaert, F., Shadrin, L., Sietis, N., Skrekas, D., Swaelens, C., Tomadaki, M., Van den Brande, S., Van Nieuwerburgh, M., Van Olmen, L., Vanhoe, N., & Vanhoutte, N.
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This dataset is an sqldump from the database (PostgreSQL version 12.5) that is used to power the open access platform

The database consists of 3 schemas:
data - contains the actual data
logic - contains other information required to run the database (user roles, revision information, feedback information, ...)
migration - contains information on the mapping between the previous data platform and the current one
The database dump contains the schema and table creation instruction for all 3 schemas, but only contains the data for the data schema. It can be used to create and populate a database that can be used to run the code hosted on

Acknowledgements can be reconstructed by mapping the acknowledgement to the document table using the document_acknowledgement join table. For translations, the source of a translation can be reconstructed by mapping the translation table with one of the bibliography tables (article, book, bookchapter, online_source, blog_post, phd, bib_varia) using the reference join table.