In press


A survey of code-switching : linguistic and social perspectives for language technologies (.pdf)

Doğruöz, A.S., Sitaram, S., Bullock, B., & Toribio, A. (2021).

Current limitations in cyberbullying detection : on evaluation criteria, reproducibility, and data scarcity (.pdf)

Emmery, C., Verhoeven, B., De Pauw, G., Jacobs, G.M., Van Hee, C., Lefever, E., Desmet, B., Hoste, V., & Daelemans, W. (2021).

A million tweets are worth a few points: tuning transformers for customer service tasks (.pdf)

Hadifar, A., Labat, S., Hoste, V., Develder, C., & Demeester, T. (2021).

Open machine translation for low resource South American languages (AmericasNLP 2021 shared task contribution) (.pdf)

Parida, S., Panda, S., Dash, A., Villatoro-Tello, E., Doğruöz, A.S., Ortega-Mendoza, R., Hernández, A., Sharma, Y., & Motlicek, P. (2021).