In press

Smart Computer-Aided Translation Environment (SCATE): Highlights

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SMHD: A Large-Scale Resource for Exploring Online Language Usage for Multiple Mental Health Conditions

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How do students cope with machine translation output of Multi-Word Units? An exploratory study

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LT3 at SemEval-2018 Task 1 : a classifier chain to detect emotions in tweets

De Bruyne, L., De Clercq, O., & Hoste, V. (2018).

MIsA : multilingual "IsA" extraction from Corpora

Faralli, S., Lefever, E., & Paolo Ponzetto, S. (2018).

Economic event detection in company-specific news text

Jacobs, GMJ, Lefever, E., & Hoste, V. (2018).

Discovering the language of wine reviews : a text mining account

Lefever, E., Hendrickx, I., Croijmans, I., Van den Bosch, A., & Majid, A. (2018).

RSDD-Time: Temporal Annotation of Self-Reported Mental Health Diagnoses

MacAvaney, S., Desmet, B., Cohan, A., Soldaini, L., Yates, A., Zirikly, A., & Goharian, N. (2018).

Multilingual Hybrid Automatic Term Extraction: the use case of ebpracticenet

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A fine-grained error analysis of NMT, PBMT and RBMT output for English-to-Dutch

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SemEval-2018 task 3 : irony detection in English tweets

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Automatic Detection of Cyberbullying in Social Media Text

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The SCATE prototype : a smart computer-aided translation environment

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