Modeling empathy in multimodal conversational agents

Start date
June 2, 2022

About FlandersAI

This project is part of the Challenge 4 - Human Like Aritificial Intellegence under the project Artificial Intelligence Research Flanders. 


The goal of this Challenge is to design and build autonomous, intelligent, trustworthy entities that communicate and collaborate seamlessly with humans in natural and complex environments. This entails communication in ways that are natural for humans, such as natural language, but also the ability to provide multi-step human-like reasoning by perceiving and understanding the complex environment. This will allow to enhance society and workplace with artificial entities that can clearly understand the environment they are interacting with, feature the same level of adaptivity to unseen tasks as humans, while appropriately interpreting the social and physical environment, and involving, informing and supporting human colleagues.

This focus on complex reasoning in an interaction between man, machine and its environment, as human intelligence and physical capabilities work in harmony with machines via intuitive and social interaction, has strong potential in domains such as industry, mobility & society. Increasing the reasoning and understanding capabilities of AI   and facilitating seamless interaction withintelligent technology has both short term application domains in more predictable environments and allows – in the long term – to achieve human-like intelligence.