Measuring Orthographic and Semantic Similarity between Byzantine Greek Epigrams

Start date
Nov. 15, 2021
End date
Oct. 14, 2025


The research carried out in this project by LT3 is part of a larger overaching project: Interconnected texts. A graph-based computational approach to Byzantine paratexts as nodes between textual transmission and cultural and linguistic developments. This project aims to reveal the connections between linguistic patterns and text-historical developments in a corpus of metrical paratexts in Byzantine manuscripts, situating these connections in the historical context of material book production and varying reading strategies. It will develop new digital tools designed to detect patterns and variations in a fluid, fragmented, and heavily entangled textual corpus.

At LT3, we will focus on applying machine learning methods to (1) build language models and a linguistic analysis pipeline for Ancient and Medieval Greek, and to (2) detect orthographic and semantic similarity between Byzantine Greek Epigrams.