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Sofie Labat

About Sofie

Sofie works on emotion analysis and emotion-aware response generation in interactions. More specifically, her research interests fall under the following themes:

  • Detection of emotion trajectories in conversations
  • The relationship between emotions and coping strategies
  • Perspectivism in data collection and emotion models
  • Social biases in machine learning models & methods to debias such models
  • Multimodal emotional/social signals in human-human and human-machine conversations

Sofie is a member of the Language and Translation Technology Team (LT3) and is co-supervised by prof. dr. Véronique Hoste and prof. dr. ir. Thomas Demeester. From October 2019 until October 2021, she was involved in the "human-like AI" research challenge of the Flanders AI Program. In November 2021, she received a PhD fellowship strategic basic research (SB) of the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO). In her PhD project, called METRICS, Sofie focuses on modelling emotion trajectories in interactions and validates the proposed methodologies on the domain of customer service. Between September-December 2022, she visited prof. dr. Roman Klinger and his team at the IMS of Stuttgart University (Germany).