New work on sentiment analysis presented at HUSO 2016

Posted on Nov. 18, 2016

The second conference on Human and Social Analytics took place this week in Barcelona as part of InfoWare 2016.

Els was the organizer of a special session on Emotion and Sentiment Detection (EMOSEDE). An excellent opportunity for Véronique, Cynthia and Orphée to present their most novel work and ideas on emotion detection for crisis events and personality detection on social media, parts of which had been realized during various Master's thesis projects.

During the main InfoWare 2016 event, Orphée was given the chance to inform a non-NLP audience about the current state of the art in fine-grained sentiment analysis and discuss the challenges that still lie ahead. On the same day, Els also moderated a highly appreciated panel session on Incremental Learning. 

For more information on this new work by LT3, please refer to the publications section.