Posted on Sept. 29, 2023

The CLIN conference is the one-day event to present ongoing research and insight on Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands! This year the 33th Edition of the conference took place in Antwerp. Many LT3 colleagues were there to enjoy the program and, of course, to present new work and interesting collaborations. We more or less bombarded the poster sessions with no less than 9 posters.

  • Luna presented and showcased the demo she constructred in the framework of the use case on crisis communication she explored for her PhD research: "EmotioNL Demo: A Framework for Dutch Emotion Detection in Crisis Communication" (with Orphée, Veronique and Toni van der Meer)
  • Serafina and Joni Kruijsbergen presented their collaboration on "Exploring LLMs' capabilities for Dutch Grammatical Error Detection in L1 and L2 texts" (with Veronique and Orphée). Joni was a Master's student research intern at LT3 in the spring semester of 2023.
  • Lara Lismont and Sofie presented work on "When the Cook Makes a Mistake: Analyzing Communication Errors and (In)Formal Repair Strategies in Human-Robot Dialogues" (with Ruben Janssens, Thomas Demeester, Tony Belpaeme and Véronique). Also Lara was a Master's student research intern at LT3.
  • Loic presented the work of EM-TTI Master Thesis Student Natalia Sugrobova: "On the portability of economic event detection and event-based sentiment analysis to under-resourced languages" (with Veronique).
  • Colin presented his latest research in the framework of his PhD project with a poster on an "Annotation pipeline for unedited Byzantine Greek" (with Ilse De Vos and Els).
  • Together with Geert De Meyer, Orphée presented their work on automatically scoring writing tasks in "Towards a Valid and Transparent ML Methodology for Dutch AES" (with Fauve De Backer and Maribel Montero Perez)
  • Alessandra Cignarelli and Aaron presented their collaboration on "Unveiling the nuances of irony in English, Dutch and Italian: A corpus-based study on ironic activation types and pragmatic categories" (with Cynthia, Els and Veronique). Alessandra carried out a 3-month research stay at LT3.
  • Gunther Martens presented the collaboration of his PhD student Lore De Greven with LT3 colleagues Pranay and Els: "A comparison of ChatGPT and fine-tuned BERT with regard to ABSA in the domain of literary criticism".
  • Last but not least, many LT3 colleagues teamed up to experiment with zero-shot learning on Dutch. Loic, Aaron, Luna, Bram, Pranay, Sofie, Orphée, Els and Veronique presented the results in a poster on "Benchmarking Zero-Shot Text Classification for Dutch".

We also want to use this post to thank both Luna De Bruyne and Bram Vanroy for the wonderful collaborations in the last few years at LT3. They both started new positions: Luna as tenure track assistant professor at Antwerp University and Bram as full-time senior researcher at KU Leuven. We wish them all the best and will definitely stay in touch!