LT3 presents work @CLIN30

Posted on Jan. 31, 2020

On Thursday 30 January 2020 the 30th edition of the CLIN (Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands) conference took place.

Various LT3 colleagues presented their work:

  • Orphée talked about automatic event extraction from news articles in the framework of the #NewsDNA project and her latest research on automated writing evaluation.
  • Margot and Jasper both presented posters. Margot explained research on "Literary MT under the magnifying glass: Assessing the quality of an NMT-translated Agatha Christie novel", which is part of the ArisToCAT project and Jasper introduced his PhD-project, namely "IVESS: Intelligent Vocabulary and Example Selection for Spanish vocabulary learning". 
  • Together with prof. Patrick Goethals, Jasper also presented a poster on "Spanish ‘se’ and ‘que’ in Universal Dependencies (UD) parsing: a critical review".
  • Ayla presented the latest results of her PhD-project HAMLET: Hybrid Adaptable Machine Learning approach to Extract Terminology.
  • Finally, Sofie presented her research, which she partly performed as an LT3-intern, on the "Automatic Detection of English-Dutch and French-Dutch Cognates on the basis of Orthographic Information and Cross-Lingual Word Embeddings"

During the concluding reception, LT3 was also very happy to reveal that we will be organizing next year's CLIN31!