LT3 in San Diego for NAACL, SemEval and CLPsych

Posted on June 16, 2016

Bart, Gilles and Orphée have been in beautiful San Diego to attend the 2016 Conference of the North American Chapter of the ACL, aka NAACL2016! Today the workshops collocated with NAACL take place. Orphée is attending SemEval 2016, to which she and Véronique collaborated by providing Dutch data for Task 5: Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis. In total 16 runs for the Dutch data were submitted by four teams. We look forward to see the results! Tomorrow the shared task which was co-organized by Els will also be presented, i.e. Task 13: Taxonomy Extraction Evaluation (TExEval-2). At the CLPsych 2016 workshop Bart and Gilles are presenting their work on the Shared Task: Triaging content in online peer-support forums. They used multiclass Support Vector Machines (SVM), cascaded binary SVMs and ensembles with a rich feature set, which landed them a place in the top five. For more information on this new work by LT3, please refer to the publications section.