LT3 @ CLIN29 conference in Groningen

Posted by Gilles Jacobs on Jan. 31, 2019

LT3 presented several posters and presentations at CLIN29 in Groningen.


  • Predicting Syntactic Equivalence in Translation - Bram Vanroy, Arda Tezcan and Lieve Macken.
  • Een baardjuffrouw en haar borstengeknoei. The influence of non-existing words in machine translation output on sentence comprehension - Laura Van Brussel, Joke Daems and Lieve Macken.
  • Varying Background Corpora for SMT-based Text Normalization - Claudia Matos Veliz, Orphée De Clercq and Veronique Hoste.
  • NewsDNA: an algorithmic approach to news diversity - Camiel Colruyt


  • Introducing HAMLET: Hybrid Adaptable Machine Learning approach to Extract Terminology - Ayla Rigouts Terryn, Véronique Hoste and Els Lefever.
  • Transfer Learning for Spanish Emotion Detection - Luna De Bruyne, Orphée De Clercq and Véronique Hoste.