CLIN31 was a great success!

Posted on July 12, 2021

Last Friday, 9 July 2021, LT3 team members Lieve, Orphée, Seza, Arda, Bram, Ayla and Sofie organised the first online edition of the annual Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands Conference .

With 26 oral presentations, 40 poster presentations, a keynote by dr. Roman Klinger and over 150 registered participants we can say that CLIN31 was a great success! A big thank you to everyone who presented and participated in CLIN, turning it into a wonderful online event!

Of course, many colleagues from LT3 also presented some of their latest work.

There was one oral presentation by:

  • Loic (together with Orphée & Véronique) on "Investigating Cross-Document Event Coreference Resolution for Dutch".

And seven poster presentations by:

  • Jasper (together with Patrick) on "Word sense disambiguation for specific purposes: an example sentence-based methodology for Intelligent Computer-Assisted Language Learning".
  • Joke (together with Paola Ruffo) on "Literary translators and technological advances: combining perspectives from two different frameworks".
  • Toon (together with Margot, Joke and Lieve) on "It’s all in the eyes: an eye-tracking experiment to assess the readability of machine translated literature".
  • Sofie (together with Thomas Demeester and Véronique) on "Wizard of Oz (WOZ) experiments to collect customer service dialogues for fine-grained emotion detection".
  • Pranay and Lore De Greve (together with Cynthia, Gunther Martens & Els) on "Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis for German: Analyzing ‘Talk of Literature’ Surrounding Literary Prizes on Social Media".
  • Gilles (together with Véronique) on "Fine-grained implicit sentiment processing of polar economic events".
  • Luna (together with Orphée & Véronique) on "Combining Transformers and Affect Lexica for Dutch Emotion Detection: Insights from the New EmotioNL Dataset"

The past semester we also had the pleasure to welcome various research interns at LT3. Two of those interns also managed to present their research at CLIN31:

  • Nafal Ossandón Hostens, who followed the Master in Computational Psycholinguistics at the University of Antwerp, presented a poster on "Assessing Dutch as a Second Language Learners’ Writing Through Syntactic Complexity" (with Sarah Bernolet & Orphée).
  • Anneleen Dill, who followed the Master in Digital Humanities at KU Leuven, presented a poster on "The automatic cross-lingual identification of equivalent term pairs extracted from comparable corpora" (with Ayla).